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We help founders win with the Power of Many.

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Build. Sell. Hire. The fundamentals of scaling a startup are constantly evolving. We draw on more than just our past experience to help our founders. As active operators, we face many of the same operational challenges at the same time as our portfolio companies.

The surreal highs and gut-wrenching lows that come along with building a high growth company are all too familiar to us. We know what it takes to go deep and get it done – whether it’s scaling a sales organization, rolling out a new product, raising capital, or making a tough call when things don’t go as planned.

We offer founders our partnership and aim to have a multiplier effect on the key initiatives across their business.

How we help.

Company Inception & Going from Zero to One

  • Product iteration & exploration
  • Initial employee recruitment
  • Design partner programs

Post-Product Market Fit, Scaling Operational Initiatives

  • Product & Engineering
  • Go-to-market, sales, marketing, and support
  • Back-office, finance, legal, operations
  • Compliance, audits, and security


  • We connect founders with businesses across nearly every sector of the economy, large and small, through our experience in building and investing in companies

People & Culture

  • Recruiting and hiring
  • HR policies (comp, legal, equity, benefits)
  • Company values

Fundraising, Investors, and Boards

  • Narrative crafting and how to tell your story to investors
  • Board creation and management
  • Intros to other leading venture capital and growth equity investors across sectors, stage, and geography, which can complement our own capital and lead future financings

Advisors & Services

  • Introductions to hundreds of senior and mid-level executives in our network across every functional unit and organizational domain that can share knowledge based on personal experiences
  • Established network of the best service providers across PR agencies, law firms, exec recruiters, transfer agents, executive coaches, and bankers
Ofer Klein Ofer Klein

Ofer Klein

Co-Founder & CEO
Reco Logo

They are active operators. I really like that. Not only operators from before, they’re operators right now. To me that made the difference. They are living and breathing in our same market. Obviously they are much bigger than us and more mature than us. But they are living it now.They know what to expect, they know the customer set, all of those things, from the psychology to the operations of the business to marketing.”

Ofer Klein

Co-Founder & CEO
Reco Logo
Sebastian Jimenez Sebastian Jimenez

Sebastian Jimenez

Rilla Voice logo

Crew’s value to our company goes far beyond capital! They’ve had a major impact in building Rillavoice through recruiting that has brought us some of our best employees and helped fuel accelerated growth.”

Sebastian Jimenez

Rilla Voice logo
image of Durga Photo of Durga

Durga P Pandey

Co-Founder & CEO
Subskribe logo

My number one criteria is good VCs will always stick their neck out for you, and it’s easy to claim to do that, but most don’t. The thing about sticking your neck out is that you have to do it when the startup is not proven or validated. One of the things about Crew is that they’re very picky about where they invest, and I think that’s why they stick neck out, because they’re confident about their investment in you.”


Durga P Pandey

Co-Founder & CEO
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Chris Turlica Chris Turlica

Chris Turlica

Founder & CEO
MaintainX logo

It’s been a pleasure working with the Crew team as we scale MaintainX. There’s a huge advantage in working with operators where the responsiveness level, the current “in market” advice, and talent sourcing is top notch. There’s also a high level of empathy and understanding the opportunities and challenges. They’re in the trenches with you after all, just full time at a >$1Bn ARR company as their day jobs!”

Chris Turlica

Founder & CEO
MaintainX logo

Our Values.

We’ve seen the ups and the downs of company building. The wisdom of hindsight informs the values that we seek to live and embody every day as partners to entrepreneurs.


Surround yourself with people you enjoy working with


Be open to learning, asking questions, and being wrong


Acting in a manner that reflects the values we espouse


Find a way

Meet our team

We invest in founders who are:


Live and breathe the problem they are trying to solve


Driving step-fiction positive change for their customers, employees, and society as a whole


Daring to create or to reshape an industry


Patiently and persistently execute until they realize their vision

Our Companies


We invest in early stage software businesses across applications, infrastructure, vertical SaaS, cyber security, fintech, digital health, and ecommerce infrastructure.

We invest as early as first check at company inception, through post-product market fit with several million dollars of ARR. Typically this means up to Series B. There is no “too early” for us though. Additionally, we reserve capital for follow-on investments into our existing portfolio companies.

We invest across the US, Europe, Latin America, and Israel.

Yes. We write $500k-$2M checks for our initial investment into a company, so if a startup’s financing round is in that range, then we prefer to be the lead or co-lead investor. Alternatively, we can play a supporting role as a #2 or #3, or minority investor. Regardless of our place in the cap table, we offer a deep level of support to the companies we work with.

We are high conviction investors who combine thoroughness with speed during our due diligence process. We have a high bar for the founders we work with to be effective execution machines in running their business, and we hold ourselves to the same standard in running ours. This means we dig deep into a business, to ensure we understand the product, the market, and the team. Companies at different stages necessitate different types of diligence, but we are always completely transparent and up-front with founders about the information we need prior to an investment.