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The Path to Crew Capital.

We provide inspired capital from active operators. Crew Capital is the first and only venture capital firm led by active operators, creating a unique partnership opportunity for our portfolio companies. Learn more about our story below.
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A new friendship is born.

Daniel and Brandon meet in person for the first time in-person at a WeWork in Korea Town, New York. Despite their differences in age, upbringing, and first languages, there was a burning passion to build something meaningful together.


We started as angels.

Following a recent TechCrunch event in Berlin, Brandon & Daniel make the decision to begin angel investing alongside one another. After a few years of company building, the opportunity to help other founders is immensely gratifying.


Crew Capital is born.

In October 2020, UiPath’s Chief Strategy Officer, Brandon Deer and founder/CEO Daniel Dines co-found Crew Capital. At the time, UiPath had crossed $500M in ARR and had nearly 8,000 customers, having raised over $400M from Sequoia, Accel, Coatue, IVP, Madrona, Meritech, Dragoneer, Alkeon, Tiger Global and others. Through the process of scaling UiPath, Brandon & Daniel sharpen their perspectives on how the venture capital model can be improved by creating a new type of VC fund led by active operators.


Crew Capital Fund I is raised.

After launching Crew Capital, Brandon and Daniel raise $50M for their first fund. Later that year, UiPath goes public on the New York Stock Exchange, raising $1.3B and reaching a $40B market capitalization. Crew brings on its first investment partner, Dylan Reider, who joins from one of the top-ranked equity research teams on Wall Street covering the enterprise software sector at Royal Bank of Canada.


Building Crew Capital.

Crew crosses its 30th investment and makes several new hires across both the investment and platform teams.

2023 and Beyond

The future of Crew.

We are at the beginning of our journey. We will reshape the traditional VC model and bring a network-driven framework that is powered by an impassioned community of technology operators and executives.

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